Improving and optimizing processes, ensuring accuracy and safety in production, preventing industrial disasters are issues that most businesses are very concerned about. Operation of equipment in safe manner is vital to the survival and growth of a business.

Riken Viet Technology Co., Ltd is currently the only authorized unit of the company Riken Keiki on gas gauge's maintenance and calibration services Riken Keiki in the Vietnamese market. We provide calibration services for handhelds and gas measuring systems at your factory, flammable gas meters (CH4, HC, H2, C2H2 ...), toxic gas (NH3 , Cl2, HCN, EO…) and inert gases (N2, Ar…) cause lack of oxygen in the environment ..

All of the above maintenance/calibration services can be performed on site or at our RIKEN VIET's VNGAS calibration laboratory. With a team of engineers and technicians trained every 2 years in Japan together with their rich experience, we are always committed to test, maintain and calibrate gas instruments in the fastest, most accurate and most reliable way for the highest gas safety in customers’ businesses.

Benefits of customers when using our maintenance/calibration services:

• Pre-investigation to optimize maintenance/calibration time

• On-site maintenance/calibration for avoidance of equipment downtime and production interruption.

• Direct discussion with RIKEN VIET engineers about the problems for mutual solutions.

• Fast and flexible 24/7 support service.

In addition, our VNGAS calibration laboratory is certified by the Directorate for Standards, Metrology and Quality of Vietnam regarding "Calibration of gas instruments" in accordance with the Decree No. 105, this allows our calibration service of gas instruments to be recognized in terms of State management.

VNGAS calibration laboratory is also recognized by the Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations - Accreditation Office for Standards Conformity Assessment Capacity (AOSC) to meet ISO/IEC 17025:2017 in respect of calibration and metrology (VLAC 1.0271).

This certificate demonstrates that the VNGAS calibration laboratory not only has an effective management system, but RIKEN VIET is also technically capable of proving that our calibration laboratory is eligible to provide test and measurement results with high accuracy in compliance with Vietnamese and international standards.

With our head office in Ho Chi Minh City and the Northern branch in Hai Phong, we are always available to meet all your gas instrument calibration needs throughout Vietnam and neighboring markets such as Cambodia, which allows greatly stable and reliable operation of your equipment with the most competitive cost. 

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