RIKEN VIET's benefits when exchanging goods are applied as follows:

  • The goods are returned, compensated for shortages for free when: We supply the wrong goods with the wrong specifications, quantity and quality as committed to customers.
  • Returned products have a fee when: We provide in accordance with the agreement, but because you do not understand correctly about the product but set the wrong model, or due to objectively the product cannot be used leading to a status of return. For goods, when exchanging, you must pay additional costs of paying for goods. The cost of return will be calculated according to each specific order, based on the quality of the goods received as well as the shipping cost.
  • Special products are ordered by our company not to be exchanged.
  • Immediately after receiving the goods, please check carefully the quantity, quality and specifications of the goods. Past 03 days from the date of delivery, we do not solve the problems arising related to the goods (shortage, defects related to the appearance, surface of the product ...).
  • In case of an approved return, the customer bears shipping charges for returning the item to us. New goods shipped to customers (if any) will be borne by us.

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